Ultra small-angle diffraction experiment at BL20B2

BL20B2 was used as an ultra small-angle diffraction beamline. The specimen was placed in the experimental hutch 1 in the storage ring building. The x-ray beam was slitted down to 1 mm horizontally, 0.2 mm vertically. An imaging plate was placed in the hutch 2 which is in the medical imaging building. The specimen-to-detector distance was about 150 m. The exposure time was 10 min.

Diffraction peaks from sarcomere structure can be seen in the vertical direction. The backstop consists of a horizontal strip of ca. 1mm-thick Pb. This was on placed on a 1mm-thick Al plate. The first order reflection, at 1/2.2 microns^-1, can be seen clearly within the Al plate.

Meridional intensity profile