Dot pitch calculator --- to avoid eye strain
Conversion of q, s, d for SAXS people
Conversion of Ion Chamber Current to Flux
Conversion of X-ray Flux to Dose
Calculate absorption of some materials

Beamline chat on a web
Web version of "beamline chat". The messages are displayed in a reverse order and refreshed every 30 seconds. Please reload when it is not refreshed.
Beamline chat on a web
The same as above. The only difference is it can be browsed from outside SPring-8, even with "i-mode". Sometimes it is not updated because the daemon is not running.....
Beamline chat on a web in UTF-8

Status of BL40XU
SPring-8 status SPring-8 storage ring status in English.
Bits and pieces.
Comparison of calculation speed of VARIOUS computers (Japanese text)
Snow in SPring-8 in winter of 1997 (Japanese text)
X-ray diffraction pattern from rat soleus muscle
X-ray diffraction pattern from bonito muscle
X-ray diffraction recorded with synchrotron radiation from TRISTAN main ring at KEK

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